Yuxus was born in 2018 in the heart of Madrid. Both the name and the idea of the brand came right after the rise of streetwear along the youth, as Yuxus originally intended to create something different and inspiring for the new generations. For us, our main mission remains the same since the beginning of the brand: to redefine the concept of casual clothing.

We believe that every piece we create is the outcome of relentless effort to provide class, quality and uniqueness to our garments. Our vision is based on the sense of power and simplicity, some of our core values that we aim to reflect in our clothing. Along with them, sophistication and creativeness are embodied in our brand essence, as we aim to shape the concept of clothes made for the every-day use.

Through constant refinement and progression, we seek to deliver our essence globally using our style to, again, influence new generations around the globe. Casual clothing can serve much more than just comfort.

We owe everything we are to our community, that small family thanks to which we are constantly creating, improving and innovating. We promise you that the best is yet to come.